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Tattoo Aftercare

1. Leave bandage on for 4 hours or overnight, but no longer.

2. After removing the bandage, lightly wash fresh tattoo with clean warm water and soap until clean. Do not rebandage.


3. To keep tattoo clean and free of dry matter when fresh, wipe down tattoo with a clean, wet paper towel once or twice during the day you remove the bandage. Do not apply any lotion on the first day unless extremely dry.


4. Beginning the second day, apply tattoo aftercare (recommended by your Artist) once or twice a day for two weeks. NOTE: USE SPARINGLY! If more applications are needed, apply aftercare no more than 5 times per day, in small amounts.


5. Tattoo may be washed each day, but must be patted dry immediately afterwards, and tattoo aftercare must be applied right away.


6. Tattoo may peel and/or scab. Do not pick or scratch at your tattoo.


7. Touch-ups may be needed and are complementary within 90 days following the completion of your tattoo.


8. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your tattoo, please contact Scarlet Ink. It is normal for a tattoo to be somewhat red or inflamed for the first few days. If you are experiencing a worsening reaction, feeling unwell, or have serious concerns, seek medical attention immediately. If there is a reaction to the aftercare product, please discontinue it immediately and notify Scarlet Ink.


9. It is tempting to “over care” for your tattoo, but this is not helpful. Follow the above guidelines, use aftercare products sparingly, and please avoid using your friend or family’s “secret tattoo aftercare recipes”. Your Artist is an experienced professional.

Crisco is best kept in the fridge, not on your tattoo. Saran wrap keeps veggies fresh, not your tattoo. Coconut oil or all vegetable based oils are not recommended for tattoo care.


10. Do NOT swim, soak in a bath, a hot tub or use any type of sauna while your tattoo is healing. Harsh contact sports and hot yoga are not recommend either while your tattoo is fresh and healing. Avoid wearing tight clothing over the newly tattooed area.

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