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Shop Rules

1- You must be at least 18 years old to get a tattoo. A valid government issued photo ID may be required to book your appointment.


2- Children and minors are not allowed in the studio. 3- Parental consent is not accepted


3- All Clients must fill out a release form at the time of consultation and prior to each tattoo session.


4- An initial payment of $200 is required all work. All initial payments are non refundable.


5- A 48 hours notice is required to reschedule or to cancel your appointment. Failure to do so will result in forfeiting your initial payment and a second payment of equal value will be required to reschedule any future work.


6- Please keep mobile device use to a minimum during the entire duration of your tattoo session.


7- Excessive whining, moving, crying or complaining will not be tolerated. Tattoos are painful and permanent.


8- We will not tattoo women who are pregnant or nursing


9- We reserve the right to refuse to tattoo imagery that is discriminatory towards gender, ethnic or religious groups etc.


10- Disrespectful behaviours toward your tattoo artist or the studio’s properties will not be tolerated. Should this happen, you will not be grated any further tattoo appointments and your initial payment will be forfeited.


11- You must be healthy, clean, sober and well fed to get a tattoo. If you are suffering from a cold, the sniffles or a bad case of cooties, please rebook.


12- Touch-ups are complementary within 90 days of the completion of your tattoo.


13- A good tattoo ain’t cheap and takes time. If you’re looking for a good deal and a cheap tattoo, you’re in the wrong place.

14- Needlesticks are an inevitable reality of tattooing, regardless of the level of experience of your tattoo artist. While you are under no legal obligation to disclose having any bloodborne or transmissible diseases such as HIV or Hepatitis B or C for the the safety of your artist and other clients in the studio extra safety measures will be taken and may require an extra cost to your tattoo since no other clients will be booked at the same time in order to ensure maximum safety for everyone. Disclosure of such information on your part will not be recorded nor will it negatively influence the service you will receive at our Studio.

15- Artists choose tattoo projects based on their personal interests and areas of expertise and refusal to provide tattoo services to individual clients is based solely on artist’s personal interests and artistic sensibility.

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